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Almost Everything I Learned…I'm Using Now

April 23, 2010 Download episode When Jonah Brotman was younger he thought he'd go into sports journalism, and used to think "profit was an evil thing." Then he discovered the connection between business and social mission, and founded, Operation Groundswell, which Jonah says does "Africa for beginners." Now he and Nogah Kornberg of Young Social Entrepreneurs [...]

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Not For Sale by Cathy Keates

This is a book by Cathy Keates about how selling yourself on the job market is not the way to go. Has anyone ever told you that you have to sell yourself to get a good job? Cathy was also a guest on Career Buzz. CareerCycles recommends this book for it's integrity and wisdom at approaching [...]

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Signs and Clues to Career Clarity

April 9th 2010 Download episode "We have this hunger or void, and at one point you say enough is enough. And when all the signs are there, you cannot NOT do it. And then once [you take] action, more signs pop up," said filmmaker, Ian Agard, who shared his story of having faith in the emergence [...]

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Unchosen Choices | Be Faithful Be Fabulous

March 26th Download episode Why did Craig Baxter join the family business after university? It just happened, “as the day follows the night,” he said. Craig acknowledged, “I didn’t manage what I do,” but that has opened him up to happenstance: “My career has been serendipitous.” That’s how, after leaving the family biz, and with [...]

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